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The software landscape for dry bulk shipping

An overview of the types and providers of software in dry bulk shipping

Many shipping software companies have been around for decades – Shipamax predicts that there will still be two significant trends over the coming years. Firstly, software as a service (SaaS) offerings and subscription-based services and secondly open application programming interfaces (APIs).

SaaS and subscription-based services

Savvy providers will switch towards SaaS/subscription-based services as customers become increasingly used to ‘click-and-go’ services rather than having to speak to multiple sales reps and wade through pages of contracts to purchase. Marine Traffic and Fleetmon deserve a notable mention here – both of whom offer easy-to-use, online portals to purchase standardised subscriptions.

Open APIs

The best tech companies will move towards an open API policy – an API, or Application Programming Interface, allows your technical team to let one piece of software talk to another which means you can pick and choose between providers while still allowing information to flow between several systems without the need for additional data entry. Access to APIs should be free to allow you as a user to select the best provider for each component of your technology system. Among the Voyage Management Systems, Dataloy are leading in this field so far – one of the only companies we’ve seen offer a free and open API.

A new intelligent layer from Shipamax

Here at Shipamax, we’ve created an intelligent layer that integrates with your existing tools and services to help quickly surface the information you need prefixture. Shipamax’s cloud-based platform is used by teams to work together and help keep track of the end-to-end process before it gets handed into your ERP.

Shipamax is priced as a monthly subscription per user per month, with no hidden fees. We ensure you’re in control of your data by enabling everything to be readily accessible via open API.

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